Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving Day

Hey guys!

I'm writing you from my new apartment! Coffee's brewing. One full cargo van and one full day later, I am now a proud resident of East 10th Street in New York City's vibrant East Village. Check out the very New York room (a whole 7 feet by 7 feet in size) for yourself!

Yep, those are grip gloves (for film stuff). Just finished adding shelves, so it looks a bit different now. I feel like I can move any kind of large object up and down any kind of oddly shaped staircase after today.

My parents came into the city to help with the move. They're also from the "boonies" in Pennsylvania so whenever they're here, I try to show them a bit of the awesomeness of New York City from a non-tourist/more local perspective. We went to a Japanese teriyaki grill tonight, and I got my dad to try sushi! Probably not exciting to most of you, but mildly groundbreaking for me. Everything is meat and potatoes back home-- great stuff, but good to mix it up now and again. Happy to spread the sushi love.

On the competition front, I had a phone interview with my local news station -- Blue Ridge Cable 11 -- back in Pennsylvania. They had some footage of me from an interview that I did with them about a month ago to promote a screening for one of my films, so word is they cut that in with my phone interview on our 10 o'clock news tonight. Wish I could show it to you guys; wish I could have seen it! Alas, spreading the word is spreading the word, so a big thanks to reporter Marie Cusick for doing the story.

Big day tomorrow... my roommate Nora moves in. Off to finish up some unpacking. And remember, follow, follow, follow this blog please (button at top right)! Much thanks!

Oh, right. Coffee's done. About that.




  2. Aunt Kim here - getting all my coworkers, the customers and the f-ing non-customers to get in on the kiwi action. Hope it gets you to the Long White Cloud Z-land !!!