Monday, September 7, 2009

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Hey guys!

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I was sifting through my iPhone photos that I've been snapping for you guys, and I found one of my late night treat, S'Mac mac and cheese, to keep me going while I was working on my Today Show posters. Allow me to introduce the "Cheeseburger Nosh".

It comes in its own little pizza box when you order take-away from Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese on 12th & 1st. I found this place my sophomore year of NYU and have been a loyal customer ever since. Yes, it's probably three heart attacks worth of cheese in a little plastic dish... three tasty heart attacks. And if you're skint (NZ term for short of money), the price is even tastier; a nosh sized mac will only cost you around $6/7. Make sure you ask for bread crumbs!

One of the most important things about a culture to me is its food. Yes, that's the Italian speaking. But the East Village is chock full of little gems that I'm really excited to explore now that I'm a resident. From the Thai lunch special to the random convenience store with a burrito stand in the back (yes, I've been there), there's always something to satisfy both your curiosity and your appetite. I hear New Zealand has some "fush and chups" that I've just got to try....

Amongst those other photos was a better shot of my painted face. Have at it.

See? I'll even chance looking like a professional wrestler for you guys. ;-) I do special effects makeup aside from writing/producing/directing, so to use only grease paint was a nice break from all the bloody gashes and gobs of latex!

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  1. should be served with a defibrillator. hope all is well, and wishing you the very best!

  2. Lauren,
    I remember going to the Lititz Art Shows to see your masterpieces hanging on the fences with Best of Show ribbons on them. You go girl! We wish you the best! I hope you win! Joe and Betty Narkiewicz