Monday, September 7, 2009

Ten Minutes and Counting

Hey guys,

Looks like I'm out. It's been fun reading your comments, meeting new folks (Xenites mostly - yay!), and showing you some of my secrets to NYC life. Now, I'd like to leave you with some more about me, as we round out our time spent together.

I'm in preproduction for my final film at NYU, "Return to Red Jade". It's an action/adventure fantasy flick following a flower shop delivery boy and a mysterious woods-woman as they try to figure out why evolving tree creatures are attacking a small town... and how to stop them. We're less than one month away from principal photography; check out the site and see how YOU can get in on the action!

On November 7th, Legend of the Seeker starts Season Two here in the States. Being my favorite show on television these days, I'll definitely be watching. In fact, LOTS, as we fans call it, is shot in New Zealand. If anybody knows of any job openings with them, I'd absolutely love to apply.

My plans after school? Well, I graduate in December. In January, Starz is releasing Spartacus: Blood and Sand, another series that I'm very excited about. Again: soon to be NYU grad in search of sweet job on action/adventure shows in New Zealand. :-)

Otherwise, I'll be in NYC, job hunting on local productions. I'll probably try to get on a feature or series here, depending on what's shooting at that point. That's one of the great things about the film industry-- you're never really tied down, so you never get comfortable. If you never get comfortable, you keep that childlike sense of wonder and freedom to explore.

On that note, THANK YOU for exploring my blog for the past week. Your support has been touching, and to all who went above and beyond -- spreading my link to your friends, emailing, Facebooking, Twittering, etc.-- my deepest thanks to you. Thanks to Steve and Marie, my press people. :-) Thanks also to Vanessa and Liz at Entirely Kiwi for the opportunity! I'd like to think that I've made a few friends in the Land of the Long White Cloud, even if I may not be visiting soon.

To wrap things up, a handful of New Zealand causes that could use your energy....

Up and at 'em!


Last day to Follow! It all ends tonight!

Hey guys!

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Only 16 hours left in the competition! For everybody voting here in the States, that's a 7:30/8pm deadline tonight!

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I was sifting through my iPhone photos that I've been snapping for you guys, and I found one of my late night treat, S'Mac mac and cheese, to keep me going while I was working on my Today Show posters. Allow me to introduce the "Cheeseburger Nosh".

It comes in its own little pizza box when you order take-away from Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese on 12th & 1st. I found this place my sophomore year of NYU and have been a loyal customer ever since. Yes, it's probably three heart attacks worth of cheese in a little plastic dish... three tasty heart attacks. And if you're skint (NZ term for short of money), the price is even tastier; a nosh sized mac will only cost you around $6/7. Make sure you ask for bread crumbs!

One of the most important things about a culture to me is its food. Yes, that's the Italian speaking. But the East Village is chock full of little gems that I'm really excited to explore now that I'm a resident. From the Thai lunch special to the random convenience store with a burrito stand in the back (yes, I've been there), there's always something to satisfy both your curiosity and your appetite. I hear New Zealand has some "fush and chups" that I've just got to try....

Amongst those other photos was a better shot of my painted face. Have at it.

See? I'll even chance looking like a professional wrestler for you guys. ;-) I do special effects makeup aside from writing/producing/directing, so to use only grease paint was a nice break from all the bloody gashes and gobs of latex!

Remember, this is it! Last day to follow!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Did YOU see us on The Today Show?

Hey guys!

I'm on no sleep but just back from The Today Show! Big thanks to Alex and Dana for joining me. Did you spot these signs?

We got to Studio 1A bright and early at 6am. First ones there.

We settled in at the corner of 48th and Rock; Dana worked on a sign, while I got to painting my face.

Met some nice folks in line; hi if you're reading this! The show was fun; Elmo (Kevin Clash) was on.

My finished NZ flag face (consider my eye a star so all four are accounted for):

This is already a pic-heavy post, but here's a bonus: the Union Square "magic hour" sky as I ran my errands to buy the poster board yesterday.

Wow. That was yesterday? I'm off to nap for a bit, but before I go....

Please follow (by clicking the button on the top right), or if you're already following, invite a friend or two. I need at least one to two HUNDRED more followers to rank me near or in the coveted top three (who get considered for the job). The votes are tallied TOMORROW night, so there's not much time. I've had a lot of fun with this blog, and I'd like to continue sharing things with you guys... from the other side of the world. And remember, you'd all get postcards! Postcards are awesome!

Right. Definitely need some shut-eye. Catch you later.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here Today, Today Tomorrow!

Yes, that's a confusing title. But for good reason! Any and all who are in NYC and would like to come show their support for this blog are welcome to join some friends and me at The Today Show tomorrow (Sunday) morning!

We're meeting at 5:45/6am at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (49th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues). Broadcast goes live from 8-9am. Bring signs. Paint your face (NZ colors are easy -- red, white, and blue like the US). Anything to get attention (well, maybe not ANYTHING)!

I saw the new Gerard Butler movie "Gamer" last night, mostly to catch Kiwi stunt legend Zoe Bell as Sandra, a "Slayer" fighter with sweet corn rows. I had the awesome opportunity to meet Zoe a few years back. Happy and proud to see her doing acting gigs now, though Sandra had about a whole minute of screen time. *Spoiler* She meets a grisly, decapitating death. Can't wait to see her next projects!

Broke in the new stove today and whipped up some French toast for brunch. My secret? A little vanilla in with the eggs and milk. Good stuff.

I'm off to hunt down some poster board for the show tomorrow!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Xenites Unite!

Hey guys!

Big ups to MaryD at Ausxip for mentioning me on her homepage! Much thanks to all Xenites who are a'followin'. If I make it to NZ, you're all getting postcards. Seriously. In fact, that offer goes out to all my followers!

Remember, we've only got until THIS Tuesday, September 8th at noon (NZ time.... so like Monday night in the States) to get my numbers up, meaning every day and every follower counts!

I challenge you to make my hand cramp up from writing out hundreds of postcards....


PS And yes, that is an ax on my wall in the background of the above photo. I... um... I like being well prepared (for those of you who suddenly got concerned-- it's plastic).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Candlelight or Chili Lights?

Howdy guys!

The competition is heating up, and I'm currently in second to last place with my follower count. For those who have made it to this blog and are following -- you rock! Spread the word. This Monday is Labor Day here in the States, so if you're at a picnic or gathering of some variety this weekend, grab a friend or two and log on quick. Make it a group effort. Together, we can do this! It all ends midday on Tuesday, so the clock is ticking.

Check out the article that Steve Seeber of the Lititz Record Express did for me....

Now, back to blogging. The past two days have mostly been dedicated to catching up, both with work and with friends. I chatted with two fellow film kids who are revising scripts for their movies this semester and worked out character details. Fun getting into the psychology of it.

Last night, we all went out to a Bavarian biergarten/restaurant on Avenue C and 7th Street. Great, tavern-like atmosphere. Among other customers was Rachel Dratch from SNL. Nora, Gabe, and I snapped this.

Today was time for Indian food. Only in New York City is there an entire BLOCK of only Indian restaurants (well, maybe in India too...). $6 lunch special. YES. Not to mention, again, the atmosphere. More chili lights and Christmas lights per square foot than a party store, plus flute covers of Simon & Garfunkel songs serenading us while we ate.

Rounded out the day with some grocery shopping. I try to support New Zealand every way I can, right down to my apples (dirty?)!

A delicious export. Now, help me be an import! Follow if you're not already, and spread the word if you already are. Thank you! Catch you soon.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Auckland This October?

You should check out the "Legend of the Seeker" panel at the Armageddon Expo on Monday, October 26th! As a Xena fan, I totally support this show because of the same folks working on it. That, and it's a great watch / is shot in New Zealand! Action. Adventure. Monsters. Romance.