Thursday, September 3, 2009

Candlelight or Chili Lights?

Howdy guys!

The competition is heating up, and I'm currently in second to last place with my follower count. For those who have made it to this blog and are following -- you rock! Spread the word. This Monday is Labor Day here in the States, so if you're at a picnic or gathering of some variety this weekend, grab a friend or two and log on quick. Make it a group effort. Together, we can do this! It all ends midday on Tuesday, so the clock is ticking.

Check out the article that Steve Seeber of the Lititz Record Express did for me....

Now, back to blogging. The past two days have mostly been dedicated to catching up, both with work and with friends. I chatted with two fellow film kids who are revising scripts for their movies this semester and worked out character details. Fun getting into the psychology of it.

Last night, we all went out to a Bavarian biergarten/restaurant on Avenue C and 7th Street. Great, tavern-like atmosphere. Among other customers was Rachel Dratch from SNL. Nora, Gabe, and I snapped this.

Today was time for Indian food. Only in New York City is there an entire BLOCK of only Indian restaurants (well, maybe in India too...). $6 lunch special. YES. Not to mention, again, the atmosphere. More chili lights and Christmas lights per square foot than a party store, plus flute covers of Simon & Garfunkel songs serenading us while we ate.

Rounded out the day with some grocery shopping. I try to support New Zealand every way I can, right down to my apples (dirty?)!

A delicious export. Now, help me be an import! Follow if you're not already, and spread the word if you already are. Thank you! Catch you soon.



  1. I'm a totally random graduate of Tisch, just saw your post from Jerimiah Newton. Was instantly jealous, but I loved the video on youtube and decided to join the blog. Good luck!