Monday, September 7, 2009

Ten Minutes and Counting

Hey guys,

Looks like I'm out. It's been fun reading your comments, meeting new folks (Xenites mostly - yay!), and showing you some of my secrets to NYC life. Now, I'd like to leave you with some more about me, as we round out our time spent together.

I'm in preproduction for my final film at NYU, "Return to Red Jade". It's an action/adventure fantasy flick following a flower shop delivery boy and a mysterious woods-woman as they try to figure out why evolving tree creatures are attacking a small town... and how to stop them. We're less than one month away from principal photography; check out the site and see how YOU can get in on the action!

On November 7th, Legend of the Seeker starts Season Two here in the States. Being my favorite show on television these days, I'll definitely be watching. In fact, LOTS, as we fans call it, is shot in New Zealand. If anybody knows of any job openings with them, I'd absolutely love to apply.

My plans after school? Well, I graduate in December. In January, Starz is releasing Spartacus: Blood and Sand, another series that I'm very excited about. Again: soon to be NYU grad in search of sweet job on action/adventure shows in New Zealand. :-)

Otherwise, I'll be in NYC, job hunting on local productions. I'll probably try to get on a feature or series here, depending on what's shooting at that point. That's one of the great things about the film industry-- you're never really tied down, so you never get comfortable. If you never get comfortable, you keep that childlike sense of wonder and freedom to explore.

On that note, THANK YOU for exploring my blog for the past week. Your support has been touching, and to all who went above and beyond -- spreading my link to your friends, emailing, Facebooking, Twittering, etc.-- my deepest thanks to you. Thanks to Steve and Marie, my press people. :-) Thanks also to Vanessa and Liz at Entirely Kiwi for the opportunity! I'd like to think that I've made a few friends in the Land of the Long White Cloud, even if I may not be visiting soon.

To wrap things up, a handful of New Zealand causes that could use your energy....

Up and at 'em!


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