Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here Today, Today Tomorrow!

Yes, that's a confusing title. But for good reason! Any and all who are in NYC and would like to come show their support for this blog are welcome to join some friends and me at The Today Show tomorrow (Sunday) morning!

We're meeting at 5:45/6am at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (49th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues). Broadcast goes live from 8-9am. Bring signs. Paint your face (NZ colors are easy -- red, white, and blue like the US). Anything to get attention (well, maybe not ANYTHING)!

I saw the new Gerard Butler movie "Gamer" last night, mostly to catch Kiwi stunt legend Zoe Bell as Sandra, a "Slayer" fighter with sweet corn rows. I had the awesome opportunity to meet Zoe a few years back. Happy and proud to see her doing acting gigs now, though Sandra had about a whole minute of screen time. *Spoiler* She meets a grisly, decapitating death. Can't wait to see her next projects!

Broke in the new stove today and whipped up some French toast for brunch. My secret? A little vanilla in with the eggs and milk. Good stuff.

I'm off to hunt down some poster board for the show tomorrow!


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