Sunday, September 6, 2009

Did YOU see us on The Today Show?

Hey guys!

I'm on no sleep but just back from The Today Show! Big thanks to Alex and Dana for joining me. Did you spot these signs?

We got to Studio 1A bright and early at 6am. First ones there.

We settled in at the corner of 48th and Rock; Dana worked on a sign, while I got to painting my face.

Met some nice folks in line; hi if you're reading this! The show was fun; Elmo (Kevin Clash) was on.

My finished NZ flag face (consider my eye a star so all four are accounted for):

This is already a pic-heavy post, but here's a bonus: the Union Square "magic hour" sky as I ran my errands to buy the poster board yesterday.

Wow. That was yesterday? I'm off to nap for a bit, but before I go....

Please follow (by clicking the button on the top right), or if you're already following, invite a friend or two. I need at least one to two HUNDRED more followers to rank me near or in the coveted top three (who get considered for the job). The votes are tallied TOMORROW night, so there's not much time. I've had a lot of fun with this blog, and I'd like to continue sharing things with you guys... from the other side of the world. And remember, you'd all get postcards! Postcards are awesome!

Right. Definitely need some shut-eye. Catch you later.



  1. Thanks! I added a better shot in my most recent post. :-)