Monday, August 31, 2009

Top Ten!


We made it to the Top Ten! THANK YOU to all who watched my YouTube submission video, checked out my contestant page, and sent emails on my behalf. Now, the real fun starts.

Entirely Kiwi has asked me to blog about my life for the next week, and they couldn't have caught me at a wackier time. For those of you who don't know me, I'm just about to start my last semester at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Film & TV production. That, and I'm moving out of an apartment that I'd been subletting for the summer into my very first leased apartment. Hello, adulthood!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I need you guys to "follow" me here on Blogspot. There's even a nifty little follow button on the right. Only the top three contestants with the most followers are considered for the job, so before you click away, consider signing up to follow me!

The job? This is for a job? Yes, I'm not just competing for a vacation to New Zealand; no sir! I'd be spreading the word about what an awesome country it is, detailing my travels online, and meeting with folks who really are Entirely Kiwi. So for now, I'm considering myself an "e-kiwi", entirely and electronically keeping you up to speed on my life in New York City, in the hopes of replacing "York City" with "Zealand" in the near future....

I'm off to go shove most of my belongings in trash bags for my move from Yorkville to the East Village tomorrow. Hoping I'll have internet at the new place; don't want to leave you guys hangin'! What are some of your craziest moving stories? Advice? Leave a comment to add to the discussion.

It's 12:51am. Another coffee? I think so.



  1. Best of luck Lauren!!! I just moved from Bethlehem back to Kutztown for the start of the next year and that was pretty crazy. I only filled one truck with the essentials for my place and when I went to go to the storage unit to pick up my bed, pots and pans, dishes and other furniture, I found another lock on the door in addition to my lock. So I am currently without anything in my apartment and am sleeping on an air mattress. Best of luck getting to be a Kiwi, I will definitely want to come visit if you win so that you can show me around the great New Zealand!

  2. Hey, are emails still being sent? If so, what is the address?

  3. Thanks! That lock story is no good. haha Hope you can get your stuff from storage soon! My craziest moving story this time around is probably that I had a friendly homeless man sing to me while I was watching our cargo van....

    Also, Seneca: emails are no longer the determining factor. It's a popularity contest at this stage, so I've got to try to have the most followers. If I can swing it and get into the top three, then an email would definitely help. Either way, the email is But my number of followers is what makes all the difference now! Eeep!

    Thanks, you two!